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YouTube Music Night

YouTube Music Night is an excellent way to discover new artists on the rise in a live setting. In addition to the dope new music, there’s several open bars [but please try to tip your bartender] and one free entrée for each guest. The libations and food calmed my nerves and helped me get settled into a fun night of new music. That night, it was all about Warner Brothers Music introducing their new hot artist to the world.

As I swayed to the top 40 music playing overhead, I stood in anticipation as the emcee introduced the first act, Marteen, to the stage. The sixteen-year-old northern California native, by way of the bay, is a up-and-coming singer who blends pop with southern [ATL specific]-tinged hip hop.

The entire room bopped and swayed as Marteen sang and bounced out his nervousness on stage. By the end of his final song, Sriracha, Marteen was more confident, even guiding the audience to repeat the lyrics.

Sriracha has a catchy, simple refrain:

Girl you got a body like Sriracha Everytime I bring you ‘round, the homies wanna watch ya Got it from your momma, but that ain’t what she taught ya

Chase Atlantic, an Australian rock and pop group with strong R&B influences, took the stage next. Their strong vocals, live instrumentation, including a saxophone, and solid lyrics got me hooked. Their act was the most mature, polished and authentic sounding group of the night.

Brothers Mitchel and Clinton Cave, with their long-time friend, Christian Anthony are Chase Atlantic. They have been honing their craft together since 2011 and I could tell that their hard work was paying off. Warner Brothers fulfilled their purpose, because they found a new fan in me. Their official website is:

Last up, was Dallas-bred, L.A.-based, Mystery Skulls, who is comprised of one-man, Luc Dubuc. I was impressed with his mixing skills, vocals, and ability to command a crowd, while doing the previous two all by himself.

Ultimately, I HIGHLY recommend people get on the mailing list to attend YouTube’s Music Night. As a fan of music from all genres and cultures, I am always looking for new music to vibe to and YouTube’s Music Night is the perfect venue for that.

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