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Ladies' Night at Troubadour Ft. Ro James and BJ The Chicago Kid


Ro James is one of the more versatile and dynamic R&B Stars of the last ten years. He seamlessly blends rock, electronica and soul into an unforgettable sound. Needless to say when I learned that he was in Los Angeles, I immediately grabbed my tickets. I had never heard of BJ’s music before I saw him at the Troubadour for the first time.

Note to self: No longer will I show up to a venue two hours before show time. I hate waiting in line, and I’d rather wait until after the venue has figured out where “will call” and the VIP lines will be. At that point, the venue is open and the lines are moving.

Sometimes, I attend events alone, so I strike up conversations with people around me. One of the people I spoke to was a fan of BJ the Chicago Kid since 2005. He must be good if he has fans from that far back.

When you're creating, it's so important to get out of the house, off your laptop or editing station and experience life with all five of your senses. Building a business and maintaining a career feel all encompassing, so I revel the times when I can just be myself and feel life. That break from work makes me clear-headed and hungry to attack my goals with new energy.


As soon as I got into the venue, I had a Jagermeister on the rocks. From that moment I sat down the music was perfect. I honestly wish I knew the names of the opening performers, but I was so in the moment that I wasn’t concerned with looking up lyrics.

For me, the opening act standouts were the DJ, who had the entire venue singing to a 90s love song and a female duo, a rapper and a singer with incredible voices. I love when I venture out and let the city take me on an adventure, sonically or otherwise.

And the main event: Ro James and BJ the Chicago Kid. The first headlining performance was a remix of “Come and Talk to Me” by Jodeci. BJ the Chicago kid came out first, then Ro joined him. To be honest, BJ set the energy for the entire performance. Ro James is the smooth crooner, the seducer and BJ is the evangelist jumping around the stage, actively evoking emotion from his audience.

I told myself I would stand only for Ro James’ performances, but BJ had me the whole time. Hell, he had the entire venue too.


It was a great night. I’ll continue to support Ro James and BJ Chicago Kid has a new fan in me.

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