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Produced by Conference: 2016

Today I attended my first Produced by Conference and I was a session guest volunteer - AKA 'Seat filler'. I am not going to lie, the past three weeks have been very busy with shooting nearly everyday and jumping into post. Getting out of the house this weekend, when I had planned otherwise, was a strug-gle.

Volunteering at the Produced by Conference is a great way to network, learn something new about producing, and experience some of the perks of the conference without paying an arm and a leg. Before you attend any session, you have to check in at registration where they give you a ticket for each session. Today, I saw five sessions, ranging from how to 'future proof your project' to how producers work with military in film and TV projects, and of course I got to network with some people.

Although it was such a struggle getting out of the house this morning, I am glad I went and learned something that I didn't before.

Have a great week!

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