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Smyle For Women - Viral Video Review

UCB performer Lawrence Abbott sent me a link to his new viral video “Smyle for Women.” “Smyle” is a satirical take on people’s response to women with who rock the neutral face, otherwise known as that “resting bitch face.”

The “Smyle for Women” video is a two minute and thirty-four second video that highlights the casual sexism [is any ‘ism’ really casual..let’s be honest here…] that many women face at work and in their personal life. It’s not enough to be competent at work, or have a fulfilling social life – a lady must also smile 24/7, because a woman who isn’t smiling, is a ticking time bomb. AmIrite?

Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton is the inspiration, since she’s faced criticism for not smiling enough as the nation’s first woman presidential nominee. When a male coworker tells the video’s main character that her smiling “doesn’t remind him of his mother anymore,” I about near fell out of my chair. His quote reminds me that nine times out of ten, people’s criticisms of you are more about them than about what you are or aren’t doing.

A lot of times, women don’t smile because we live in a hostile world against women. Some might think I’m being hyperbolic, but the truth is the truth. Women have to keep their guard up because smiling invites some men to feel bold enough to approach a woman any way they want. For me, I’d rather not invite any interaction at all, because if I reject the wrong guy, the wrong way I could be assaulted and that has happened.

All in all, the sketch did a good job of magnifying women’s thoughts on society’s expectations for us.

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