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My Independence Day: 4th of July Edition

Oh my I write this blog post I realize that Friday, July 1st was my tenth year anniversary working in the film and TV industry. This date means so much to me in so many ways. First off, my skin seems to have grown thicker than I ever could have imagined. Things that would leave me anxious over an entire weekend, roll off my back like water on a duck's back - that or I am getting better at talking myself off the ledge.

Secondly, I am much more focused on what I want in life and my attack plan. This year, I would like to move up the rank to field producer and strengthen my Avid editing skills. This means a lot of time talking to people asking them how they ascended in their careers and editing whatever I can get my hands on. While it's been no surprise to those who know me that I have workaholic tendencies, the last three years has made me want to explore life more often beyond my home office and day job. I want to travel more, and during a recent business trip to New York, I had two people confirm that getting outside of my comfort zone is what I need to be happier person.

It's so hard to make friends in this city and go after what you want, but that's adulthood, babe you've got to be gangsta about your own happiness. I may not be able to do a two-week excursion to Narobi now, but saving and hunting for deals will get me closer to my goals. It's not all about getting it all done today, but taking important steps every day to have the life you say you want to have.

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